Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Leading Versus Managing

The sad thing about the PMP® certification is that it does not recognize the importance of leadership. The new certification requirements are going to require 8 PDUs gained through courses on leadership every three years to stay certified. That's a single day spent on the subject, and is hardly adequate.

Managing projects, departments, or entire companies is not about administrative duties but about leading people! I have trademarked the phrase projects are people® to emphasize the importance of knowing how to deal effectively with people.

This month's daily tips topic is on leadership. 20 suggestions on how to be more effective in dealing with people both as members of your project team, but also as stakeholders.

Another sad fact is that there are few really good leaders. Yet it isn't that hard. Children exercise leadership all the time. For some reason we forget how to do it as we age. Maybe the leadership cells in our brains atrophy as we age??? In any event, make it a goal to improve your leadership skills by just 8 PDUs, even if you don't have your PMP certification. 

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